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A Cappella Bay Singers

Our Latest Singers News

May 12th 2018 Mothers day High Tea and Fashion 

14th 2017 Singing Workshop with Lindsey Dyer

October 9th 2017 Learn to sing a Christmas song in four part harmony

July 2017 Announcement

So we changed the name and ... the logo. We have a new logo that we love. Hope you love it too!

July 2017 Announcement

We have moved! We know are filling the second floor of the RSL with our sound. This means for those of you that want to join us, we have a space that facilitates all our needs. The Hervey Bay RSL Club provides everything we could want, eating facilities, great staff, comfort and a room that resonates our sound for optimal learning. Thank you Hervey Bay RSL!

June 2017 Announcement

We have a new name! For over ten years we have previously had the name Seabelle Singers. This name represented a wonderful for our chorus. However, like everything, change sneaks up and knocks on the door. So when it did, we answered. 

The chorus is now to be called A Cappella Bay Singers. However, it is not just the name is going to be changed, we also have other things in store. So keep a look out on our website and on Facebook for updates.

Our Latest News